Natural Dye and Embroidery Workshop


Course description:

In this two course session, students will be introduced to the world of natural dye and embroidery. Your instructors, Jessie and Catalina, will teach step of the textile making process, from preparing your fabrics, to planning your design, to execution, and lastly, caring and keeping for your handcrafted fabrics.  Students will leave this class with a set of 4 naturally dyed napkins, two of which will be embroidered in-class, along with the technical skills to continue their natural dye and embroidery practice at home. Each participant will also receive a PDF with resources and information for further guidance after the workshop is complete. Workshop includes all materials and BOTH dates. Students must be available for both dates.
First session will be January 28th at 12pm-2:30pm, Your instructor Jessie will share extensive knowledge about natural dyeing techniques, including demonstrations. Topics covered include scouring, tanning, mordanting, and plant-based color extraction. This course equips you to independently practice these skills, allowing you to apply a wide range of colors to your fiber-based art, home goods, or garments. The class begins with a brief presentation where Jessie delves into the history and techniques of dyeing, offers insights on sourcing materials sustainably, and highlights contemporary artists for inspiration. Additionally, you’ll learn resist techniques to create unique fabric patterns.

Second session will be February 4th at 12pm-2:30pm, Your instructor Catalina Escallon will teach participants a couple of embroidery stitches and the considerations involved when embroidering on fabric. She will showcase various artists and inspirations related to the stitches covered during the session. Once the participants learn these stitches, they will be able to incorporate them into their napkins. You will sketch the designs and transfer them onto the fabric. Participants can choose to embroider initials, plant designs on each napkin or create fun geometric cross-stitch designs to layer with the dyeing process. The instructor will provide necessary guidance for participants to complete the embroideries on their napkins.

Instructor bios:

Catalina Escallon Rosselli is a Colombian artist based in Brooklyn, New York. With her art, she explores the intersection between graphic and textile design. Her pieces are aimed to bridge the digital and analog space. They are an invitation to touch and an exploration of materials and embroidery. Catalina brings dimensionality to print and uses thread to tell stories and create memories.
Jessie Mordine Young (b. England, 1993) is a Brooklyn-based artist who researches, writes about, curates, makes and teaches textile art. She believes that textiles can be carriers of empathy, memory, and lived experience and that they are evidence of humanity. This sentiment is at the root of her art practice. In one of her more recent bodies of work, she embarked on a project of creating daily artworks, which she calls “woven drawings” or “thread sketches.” These pieces directly connect to her experiences in nature, where color and texture become tangible references to sites, sounds, and forms she finds when immersed in the landscape. Jessie is also enamored by the alchemy of the dye vat; she often paints her yarn and woven fabrics through a natural dye process and by thoughtfully sourcing plant matter.More Info:

The workshop will start on time, please arrive 15 minutes early!
Our studio is located at 96 Knickerbocker Ave (corner of Thames) in Bushwick
Each ticket is valid for enough materials for 1 guest
All tickets are final sale and non-transferable
Workshops take place rain, shine or snow to bring you flowers regardless of the elements
Each workshop guest will receive 20% off all in-store shopping and complimentary wine or 0% abv kombucha from our neighbors at Henry’s Wine & Spirit and BKE! #shopsmall #supportlocal

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Course is two weekends January 28th + February 4th

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