Welcome to Stems!

Stems at Sycamore Bar

We believe flowers should be as different as the feelings that inspired them. You can come in and gaze at our array of unique flowers and select a few simple stems or have our on-hand florist make you a custom bouquet.

We offer long lasting, unique seasonal flowers mixed up with rustic exotics. We pride ourselves in our non-traditional arrangements and bouquets that bring rustic, rambling gardens right to you.

We do hand-made bouquets in our retail shop, as well as designs for special events and weddings!

Suzanna at Stems



We offer $10 beer and baby bouquet specials, as well as $20 bouquets that you can purchase after-hours.

Beer & Bouquet

 Our email is very active, so if you would like to catch up with us after hours, write to stemstheflowershop@gmail.com.

(347) 240-5850

1118 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn, New York

Photos by Shana Nicole Photography

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    It's a moment of pure to know the end of wedding seasons gives way to something so beautiful. #peonies #pincushions #swank #stemsbrooklyn #dayofthedead City Hall wedding? #bettercallstems #stemsbrooklyn #ditmaspark My nephew proves that air plants can withstand abuse. At the One Sandwich At A Time cause which literally donates time and food to the homeless in the greater NYC area we made air plant terrariums and donated all the proceeds. Thanks for allowing us to sponsor such an amazing evening! #onesandwichatatime #donateforacause #ditmaspark #terrariums #stemsbrooklyn Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards. -Vladimir Nabokov #stemsbrooklyn #ditmaspark #peony #rainyday This is what we feel like on our day off. #ditmaspark #dayoff #fuckoff Stems' take on the classic autumn "burnt orange" bouquet request. #stemsbrooklyn #ditmaspark #stemswedding #brooklynwedding #ranunculus These sexy stems went out to our friends @ervsonbeekman last night for their opening night! Cafe by day, cocktail bar by night (and the cocktails were stellar!). We love fusion establishments, especially those that sells booze!#leffersgarden #cocktailbars #cafe #stemsbrooklyn #ervs #brooklyn This Garden Stock smells like nutmeg. It's beautifully insane so you should all come stick your face in it. #stemsbrooklyn #ditmaspark #gardenstock #nutmeg #yummysmells "I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways." -Rumi #ditmaspark #stemsbrooklyn @stemsbrooklyn pro tip: when it's raining, block your view of the outside world with as many blossoms as your heart desires. #stemsbrooklyn #ditmaspark LIBRA PARTY TONIGHT at 9PM: #flowercrowns #tarotcardreadings #sagecleansing #sexybartenders #drinkspecials @sycamoreflowershopbar @marco_m_gil @onmyGi_ohshit My favorite thing about the #anemone flower is that it opens and closes with sunrise/sunset -even after they are cut. #themoreyouknowaboutflowers #stemsbrooklyn #ditmaspark #pincushion #protea
  • 1118 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY
    (347) 240-5850

    Retail. Weddings. Events. Workshops. Delivery.

    Flower shop meets bar.

    Open daily 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Email us anytime:

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