Wisteria Tunnel

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2-Kawachi Fuji Garden

Now that we have 1,000 followers on Instagram (Thank you, friends!),

we’re gonna take off to Japan for a walk through this stunning wisteria tunnel.

Color Coded Flowers (& Food!)

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Emily Blincoe

We are SWOONING over Emily Blincoe‘s beautiful color coded photographs of flowers and food!

Click on the image above to see the rest of her gorgeous work.

Did you know we do weddings?

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Happy to announce our new Pinterest page dedicated to Stems’ wedding photographs.

If you interested in Stems’ swanking out your wedding email us! Suzanna is our wedding designer and she will be happy to nerd out with you about beautiful wildflower we use. Along with being primarily locally sourced we do cheat and order flowers from California for our exotic stem needs.

Click on the image below to see our Pinterest!


Swanky Sunday!

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Stems is off to swank out a wedding at a gorgeous farm…but we don’t wanna leave you hanging! Pick up your pre-made $10, $15, & $20 bouquets at the bar, and grab yourself a drink!


DIY Terrarium Class!

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A Day in the Life

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Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.37.28 PM

The History of the Nosegay

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A nosegay, also known as a tussie-mussie or posy, is a small flower bouquet that was introduced in medieval times.

So called because it is an ornament that appeals to the nose, it was carried to accentuate the smell of the woman carrying or wearing it. Since bathing and showering were not regular activities, these flowers provided a lovely respite for the noses of yesteryear.

In the Victorian era, these bouquets were considered to be “all the rage,” so young women were trained in the art of flower arranging. Each flower was carefully selected to convey “the language of flowers” from a man to a woman, or vice-versa. (For example, a red tulip meant a declaration of love, whereas a piece of dogwood meant indifference.)

We’re pretty smitten with this idea, so instead of texting your newest crush, stop in and we’ll help you say it with flowers!

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