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✨Thoughtful designs, sustainably crafted ✨
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💐Workshop roll call💐

Summer schedule is posted and LIVE! We are offering our Stems Signature every other weekend. Grab a pal, a lover or come meet other flower loving folks, tickets online. 

Also, keep your eyes peeled for (4) specialty workshops dropping next week!
🌸This bouquet is for sale in the shop, just made it! DM to claim or come buy it from meeee 11am-4pm 🌸

🌸Let’s weave in a flower shop 🌸

Next date is June 1st, tickets are live!

Have you ever wanted to learn weaving, but didn’t know where to start? Well then this class is the perfect way to get introduced to the process.

In this 3 hour in-person workshop, you will learn the basics of tapestry weaving from drafting a design, to setting up your loom and learning a variety of weaving techniques, then putting the  finishing touches on your piece. Your instructor Jessie Mordine will also provide a presentation on tapestry weaving which includes some of its history, and some additional sources of inspiration. 

Tickets available in Bio 💐
An absolute SLAY by @fruitpunchfloral from this past weekend! When you give us freedom as designers you get unobstructed creativity. Trust is key in any relationship and especially important in creative fields.

We’ve worked for years to build trust by finding the best flowers, training our team through mutual education/workshops and diversified freelancing. The result is a space where designers can thrive by shared experience! How mentoring and expansive creative design can thrive 💐

This is a variation on the Showstopper design listed on our Fresh Flower menu, check it out to get a taste of what we can design at a range of budgets! Delivery is available Monday - Saturday 🚚
🌸🚲🌸Bike flowers on point 🌸🚲🌸

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this past holiday weekend a success. It takes dozens of hands per bouquet from growing flowers to designing them to delivering each order. 

It’s truly a team effort to make a business work! And amazing customers who trust us to do what we do best 💐

The shop is open until 4pm for those celebrating mamas today!
Don’t threaten us with a good time 💐

Special thanks to Theo from @metrobicom for being one of our go to drivers this holiday (and always!) 🚚

Kickass Showstopper by @shannon.cowan

Farms include @bloomcourtfarm @resendizbrothers @wholesaleflow28
It’s not too late! We are still taking orders for tomorrow. Click the Mother’s Day tab and get your pick up or delivery in! We close orders at 4pm today 💐🚚💐
To all the Moms, people who carry children, women identifying folks doing the work, let’s be rebellious. 

What if we said enough? We are enough. We do enough. We offer enough. 

I call my sister to “virtually slap me” sometimes when I’m having mom guilt for doing anything that nourishes me outside of my “mom role”. My sister reminds me of all the work we put into raising children, for working, building homes, nourishing community, taking care of (in my case) a business, juggling the duality of being Suzanna while also “being” so many different things.

But the truth is, all the things are me and I am all the things. We can’t delete parts of ourselves to be better moms. I don’t believe in self sacrificing parts of myself in the name of the children. 

I do believe in striving to show my son what a family can look like by showing up, creating community and continuing to “become” more of myself. As a mother I didn’t stop being Suzanna. 

So let’s say enough. You are enough the way you are. Mom, you don’t have to have it all figured out. We are becoming one step at a time. Let’s take the pressure off, even for one day and just let things fall apart if they need to. Maybe we will be surprised and watch them fall into a different, new space, with curiosity. 

To the children (and I am going to do this too), this mother’s days I challenge you all to see your mom for who they are. What can you tell mom that you’ve never said? What do you see Mom doing that has never been acknowledged? Who is Mom outside of your Mother? Can you find a new way to celebrate the moms that have impacted your life? 

I hope you find Mom kickass flowers this year. I think ours are the best but if Mom really loves red roses please go find those, because finding what speaks to them is the point. 

Mother’s Day menu is live, go get em’ 💐

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