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✨Thoughtful designs, sustainably crafted ✨
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🌷Taking your mom to brunch for Mother’s Day? Order The Brunch Bouquet 💐 Grab her the delicious mix of colorful, fun and vibrant flowers from Stems! This offering is the perfect size to take with you to brunch 🥂, add on a vase to upgrade and maybe one of those cute candles 🕯️ by @soapandpaperfactory 🌷
The showstopper is truly, show-stopping! 

This stunner was designed by @amandapantz using local tulips grown by @bloomcourtfarm and narcissuses by @soursopflowerfarm 🌸

Locally grown flowers are starting to come in and we couldn’t be happier!!
I could say a lot of things about being a Mom. A business mom, a flower mama, a mother to my son Ace, being a mom is about helping people grow. 

This year is about how Moms help us blossom. 🌸 Because being a mom is about becoming- a journey for us to expand and learn and grow. 🌱

Our signature designs this year are based on what I would want to get as a mother. A vibrant, funky, super seasonal and locally sourced bouquet full of energy! After I photographed the designs I said “I want that!” And that’s what all the moms in our community deserve. A bouquet that screams appreciation, joy and love because moms 👏WORK👏. It’s an endless job that nobody really figures out all the way. So to the moms, let’s keep becoming. And let’s keep helping our babies blossom. 

And all you buying flowers for us, get your mom an unforgettable bouquet 💐

This week has been about spring flowers, spring cleaning and trying to figure out how to get rid of flies. 

Sir Winston Churchill Narcissus might be a new Stems spring classic because of its heartiness, stem length, usage, color and fragrance (someone please make that a candle right now). In addition ranunuclus, tulips, pincushions, gerbers and so many other yummy fresh cuts are on this bar this weekend. 

Spring cleaning lended itself to us ditching our large terra cotta trays outside the shop for you all the gather (I saw someone grabbing a dozen which was wildly impressive given their weight). Along with stewing up new plans for a couple displays and moving things around (I never stop doing this!). 

The flies, they came, they have stayed and we have tried everything. If you have tips please DM me! We usually get *some* house flies but it’s gotten bad this year would love ideas from anybody who has dealt with this!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and I’m excited to share a design that feels super personal and a little bit about my relationship to being a mother. I feel of two minds ever posting about my son for a slew of reasons I think most parents can empathize with. Now that he’s older and we can communicate about social media I feel myself loosening my grip. We did a little photoshoot together this past week which I’ll share coming up!

Peonies have just arrived! They are early cuts but something to look forward to as we step deeper into spring. 

We have a full weekend of workshops ahead! This weekend is sold out so grab those tickets online. We have a special collab workshop slated for the end of May to launch! And also, some fun events coming your way for first weekend of May! 

Swing by 11am-4pm both days for fresh cuts, peonies are $10/stem only this weekend and we have those lovely Sir Winston Narcissus for $5/each! 


Thanks to everyone who showed up and bought flowers for Solidarity Sunday this past weekend! We were thrilled to donate $400 in direct monetary sales to @greencityforce 💐 that’s the power of community! 

It’s important to amplify the folks already doing the work in our own city. As a shop we are able to contribute the flowers and our labor to help make it all happen. I’m endlessly grateful to everyone who participated and @amandapantz for suggested such a great organization. 

Next month we will be hosting on May 4th-5th (yes two days!) an organization that will be released other next couple weeks. Mark your calendars!
This week has humbled me as a designer and an owner. Our team here takes so much ownership of their jobs. It’s actually insane when I think about it. The level of design that flies out our door is unparalleled, in my very not so humble opinion 😜

Even though this year has been challenging thus far to get through a slower than usual time, we are all working to make up for it. Coming up with new ways to do things, rallying, trying to be better, putting our best foot forward and continuing to build. It’s a “what can we try next” energy instead of a focus on what’s not working. 

Eternally grateful for a house full of creative geniuses, proactive doers, kind hearted and beautiful humans @cuidateokay @amandapantz @radjaz @bloomgoblin @shannon.cowan @julia.masotti @donutdoesnthaveatag 

If you want great flowers by great humans this is the place.

Also spot my self proclaimed seasonal tattoo by @stephanietamez that still looks so dope a decade later. There anemone was grown by @bloomcourtfarm 🤗
Aaaaand it’s back! Kicking off this weekend 💐

What is Solidarity Sunday you ask? Launched back in 2020 we created a community event that supports nonprofits and mutual aid groups right here in New York City. 

Sometimes the world can be overwhelming dire but we can’t give up hope. Our focus is to focus energy in our direct community, 

This time we are relaunching with an infusion of new energy. Each one of our staff members has chosen an organization that reflects work they admire and feel is contributing our community. 

How can you get involved? Easy? Buy flowers! We donate all proceeds from this event to the organizations. That’s right, all the flowers, our labor and love is donated on top of your financial contributions for the bouquets.

We are offering 15 bouquets with a suggested donation of $40. Our goal is to donate at least $500 per event.

Thanks for being part of this community and checking out our first organization chosen by Amanda Gorence floral designer and flower shop staff member! 

Keep your eyes peeled through the spring and summer for more community events and if you are a vendor that wants to get involved we are actively looking for ways to expand this event with food/art/activities. 

Thanks for being such a kind and courageous community y’all 💐

Suzanna and the team at Stems Brooklyn
Come get your Easter flowers at Stems! Open all weekend for walk in bouquets, arrangements made to order or call/order online for a pick up! 

Deliveries still being accepted for tomorrow 🚚

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