A network of Bushwick neighbors supporting neighbors.

We are a collective group of Bushwick residents, long-term residents and recent arrivals, rooted in the mission of creating a local network for neighbors to support neighbors.

In addition to monthly donations we support with community drives hosted at Stems:


Donation Items can include:

baby diapers
menstrual pads
bar soap
coats / warm clothes
new socks / underwear
baby & kids clothes
adult diapers
unscratched pots/pans
plates / cups / utensils
kitchen appliances
space heaters
clean blankets
school supplies
winter accessories

Drop off location:
96 Knickerbocker Avenue,
Brooklyn NY 11237


Black Florist Fund is an endeavor embarked upon in partnership with AEO and a team of Black entrepreneur advisors. Through donations and sponsorships, Black Florist Fund (BFF) aims to provide worry-free capital grants and other crucial business resources to for-profit Black florists and Black flower farmers across the U.S. These grants will be awarded to applicants across the country who demonstrate a passion for the floral business community and a need for additional funding to help reach their goals and propel their business.

Systematic racism is woven into the very fiber of this country, and it is our responsibility as white business owners and citizens with privilege to begin lowering the barriers to entry that many Black entrepreneurs face and to find ways to rebalance power structures in our country and in our own industries. We hope this will provide valuable support to help stabilize and grow a number of Black owned floral businesses each year.

For over 30 years, Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) has helped millions of entrepreneurs by leading the way in microfinancing for microbusiness in the US and have been expertly guiding us on this journey.

Thank you for joining us in supporting Black florists and flower farmers through the Black Florist Fund.⁠

Each day we are offering a $50 donation bouquet. 100% of the proceeds will be donated each month to the Black Florist Fund. All you have to do is show up and buy the daily bouquet at our shop. We are hoping to get to $1000 during the month of December! 

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